Khali took matters into his own hands after wrestlers ransacked his academy in Jalandhar because of being left furious with a cancelled show that was being promoted by the Indian wrestler. The foreign wrestlers vandalised property of Khali’s academy including destroying files and documents. If that wasn’t enough, the Brody Steele-led wrestlers camp attacked the support staff of the academy including, reportedly, Khali’s younger brother.
The wrestlers were reportedly incensed after an event in Gurgaon scheduled for October 8 was postponed. The organisers, reportedly, didn’t have the required permission from the police to hold the event and until the approval came through, they decided to push the event further.
“We could not get the police clearance and, hence, had to postpone the tournament. Due to this, the wrestlers created a ruckus in my academy today,” said Dilip Singh Rana to The Tribune.

Dilip Singh Rana, who goes by the name ‘The Great Khali’ then hit back at the wrestlers by attacking Brody Steele at what seems like a hotel property. In a video doing the rounds on social media, Khali stormed into the room where the wrestlers were staying in Chandigarh to settle matters by himself.